Auditor General Report

Victoria -  The Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) welcomes the report by the Auditor General calling for greater measures to ensure the long-term viability of grizzly bears in this province.


The CBVA believes that rather than enact a partial ban on grizzly bear hunting, as the government has proposed, it should move ahead with a full hunting ban on grizzly bears. There is simply no reason why we should continue to hunt grizzly bears in this province at a time when their very future is under threat.


One of the recommendations of the AG's report is that grizzly bear viewing should be regulated. The CBVA has led the way in bringing bear-viewing operations under one umbrella, promoting the highest standards for its members, and drawing up guidelines to ensure that grizzly bears are not adversely affected by viewing operations.


We now look forward to working with the government to draw up a framework under which bear-viewing operations can continue to contribute to the provincial economy, while ensuring that grizzly bears are not harmed.


The CBVA believes that the Auditor General's report is an important milestone towards a new grizzly bear policy in BC which will protect grizzly bears from hunting and habitat loss and help ensure that they continue to be part of BC's landscape for decades and centuries to come.


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