BC Camper Wakes to Find a Bear Inside His Tent

A B.C. camper woke up to a bear sniffing him inside his tent. TOBY TALBOT / AP

There are a few things to be said about human and bear interactions. 
First and foremost, the media will be highlighting these interactions more this season with the closure of the grizzly hunt
Secondly, we, humans, have to fully understand that the wilderness was once the "wilderness" and that means home to wild animals. Yes, places like Whistler have become almost urban-like but that doesn't mean that the wildlife doesn't deserve our full respect and understanding of their lost habitat. 
Finally, in light of the closure, and the increasing habitat loss due to human consumption of the land, we are going to have to understand that we can't go wherever we want whenever we want. Not anymore. This old colonial legacy of believing that our actions do not have consequences must stop. Everything we do has a consequence. To play in the wilderness one must understand and respect it. 

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