COVID-19 Updates & Recommendations


The CBVA has been monitoring industry and government recommendations of the evolving impact of COVID-19. With tourism being a vital aspect of our world economy, we feel that it is important to bring you informed information. 

There are step-by-step guides to prepare your businesses and staff for emergencies, with templates and tools to help operators easily plan a fast and effective response that is available on the TIABC website, Destination BC website, and at PreparedBC

Multiple health and tourism/hospitality organizations have developed resources and official sources of information on COVID-19:


Recommendations for Travelers

Check your health insurance to see if you are covered when abroad in case the situation arises that you need 

 Recommendations for Travelers

  • Check your health insurance to see if you are covered when abroad in case the situation arises that you need medical care

  • Monitor the World Health Organization’s site and your own country’s precautions

  • Check your itinerary to see if any border closures have been put in place

  • Bring extra medication in case you are delayed returning home due to quarantines or border closures

  • Follow the recommended health safety recommendations regarding handwashing and wipe surfaces while traveling as an extra precaution

  • If you want or need to cancel your plans, check your traveler’s insurance to see if it covers your reason for cancellation

Recommendations for Tour Operators

  • Consider your cancellation policy carefully and decide whether it will benefit your long-term relationship with your travelers to offer refunds or credits or no cancellation penalties to encourage future bookings

  • Monitor countries on your itineraries to understand if border closures or traveler bans may create problems for your travelers when returning home

  • Consider if it is best to cancel your trip to protect your traveler’s health and ensure a good experience

  • Offer any support needed regarding hotel, air, and transportation cancellations

  • Communicate regularly to your clients and guests


CBVA members can plan on how they need to adapt to the current situation. The aim is to provide your clients with the confidence to hold their bookings while keeping staff and clients healthy in the process. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, rather a place to start planning. Having a viable response plan in place will help increase guest confidence and hopefully help save bookings​. 

Our partner, the Wilderness Tourism Association, has further information on Preparedness Tips on their website.

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