A B.C. camper woke up to a bear sniffing him inside his tent. TOBY TALBOT / AP

There are a few things to be said about human and bear interactions.  First and foremost, the media will be highlighting these interactions more this season with the closure of the grizzly hunt

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British Columbia's leading bear-viewing lodges and operators pledged yesterday to put aside tens of thousands of dollars a year to promote grizzly bear conservation in the province. 

The pledge follows the end of commercial and residential hunting of grizzly bears in BC, announced by the government in December last year.   "It is only right that with the end of the hunt we should take on the funding of grizzly bear conservatio

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On December 18, 2017, the government of British Columbia decided to close grizzly bear hunting province-wide effective immediately.  

December 18, 2017, will go down as a historic day in British Columbia as it is the day the grizzly bear hunt closure was announced.

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Victoria -  The Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) welcomes the report by the Auditor General calling for greater measures to ensure the long-term viability of grizzly bears in this province.  

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BC Nature discusses the new "independent wildlife agency"


CLICK HERE to listen to Alan Burger or BC Nature speak openly about the proposed new "independent wildlife agency"​

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Over 20 companies have signed on to an open letter to the future Premier of British Columbia calling for an immediate moratorium on the grizzly

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